12 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants


12 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

Ants, ants, ants! Ants are everywhere, and that’s even an understatement.

Let’s face it; ants invading your garden or home can be quite upsetting.

They bite, but I’m sure you know that already.

But more than anything, the worst experience a farmer could have is walking right into a trail of black ants!

So if you’ve been at the receiving end of an ant invasion, the first thing you want to do is get rid of them pronto.

You want to call in the bug exterminator and bury all the nasty ants in their own dump.

But before we get to the part of killing off the ants, let’s take a moment to consider just some interesting things about ants.

home remedies to get rid of ants

Incredible Ants Facts You May Not Have Known


  • Highly Adaptive

Ants are quite uniquely endowed specie of creature.

They are resilient, adaptive to any kind of weather and climate conditions.

They have traversed all the continents. Even in the harshest places, you’ll find ants population thriving in abundance.


  • Staggering Population

Ants are social insects, and they like to live together in colonies that can reach staggering number at any given time.

The total ant population is put at over 10 trillion! In other words, there are over 2 million ants to one human.

If we lived in an apocalypse-era, ants would probably have over-run the earth and subjugated us humans.

With over 12,000 known species, ants are the most successful specie on the entire planet.

They’ve been here a while, and have outlived prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs.

Unbelievably Strong And Coordinated Creatures

Did you know that ants are very tough, resilient little creatures? That’s true, although they may not look it.

But if you consider the fact that ants can lift up objects several times their own body weight, you’ll begin to get the idea.

Ants carry objects three times their own body weight, to and fro, every day without tiring. Now, that’s awesome.

They can move with incredible precision and coordination, and they pay attention to details.

That’s unlike some people.

There are more, but let’s move on to the different types of ants we’re likely to find around our homes, garden or dump sites.


Types Of Ants

There are different types of ants all around us.

They pretty much live around people, in dirty and moist places, in refuse sites, sewage underground, up on trees and in the roof, etc.

The most common ants include pavement, carpenter, acrobat, pharaoh and odorous house ants.

These types of ants like to invade our homes.

They can find their way into our kitchen, into our food, sugar containers, and they can inflict very excruciating bites.

Other types of ants are fire, harvester, black and soldier ants.


An Unstoppable Army

Like mentioned above, ants species run into the thousands. They are an overwhelming multitude of creepy crawlers.

When on the march, ants can be an unstoppable army. Nothing gets in their way.

They can take down anything and anyone.

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Aside from when they crawl up your pants and sting where it hurts, ants can also cause damage to your crops.

They can cause damage to useful furniture and documents, and can contaminate food materials.


Insecticides Can Be Harmful

It is certainly unhygienic and hazardous to have ants around your home.

But successfully getting rid of them is another matter altogether.

Because of their large numbers, they can be quite hard to eradicate entirely.

They march on relentlessly like enemy combatants in an old Chinese war movie; charging forward even as they’re being bombarded.

Aside from that, there can be mutual damage.

That’s because a pesticides and other regular insecticides out in the markets contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment.

This poison kills the ants, but in the long run, insecticides are indeed harmful.

But with effective home remedies, you don’t have to worry about chemical hazards to you or your garden and crops.

So here are some tried home remedies to get rid of ants instantly.

Mind you, you’re sure to find a couple of the remedies unbelievably simply.


Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ants


1. Chalk

Let’s start with what appears to be the most basic remedy to getting rid of ants menace. Chalk. Surprised?

Well, chalk contains calcium carbonate.

This ingredient is abhorrent to ants, and so it helps in keeping them away from around your home.

If you want to give ants the red light, just spray some powdered chalk around your home at specific spots.

That should do the trick.


2. Liquid Dish Soap And Baking Soda

This mixture is not meant to give the ants a bath, only to send them on their way pronto.

It’s a great ant repellent, as you’d find. What a dish washing liquid will do is to suffocate the ants, causing them to die.

To use, mix some dish wash liquid soap and baking soda into a measure of water.

Then pour this mix into a spray can or bottle, and spray around the house in specific ant-prone areas.

And guess what, when you begin to do the body count, you’ll find that other insects have also fallen victim to your deadly solution.


3. Salt

I don’t think ants like cooking very much. If they did, they wouldn’t mind some salt being around.

But apparently, they do. Ants don’t like salt almost as much as they don’t like pepper (what did I tell you about ants being bad cook?).

Sprinkling some salt around edges of your home, kitchen or cabinet will help in keeping ants away.


4. Cayenne Pepper

It gets more interesting. Now, we’re turning on the heat. Cayenne pepper works as an effective ant repellent.

The strong nature of the pepper destroys the chemical signals that ants rely on to navigate the path to their nest or in search for food particles.

That’s why ants don’t like pepper. Without a reliable signal, ants will have a difficult time surviving.

So they’ll have to shift base away from your house. If you have some ground pepper, sprinkle or spray them on the ant trail or entry points.

It’s bye-bye from that time on.


5. Oranges

Ants seem to have a strong beef for citrus fruits high in acidic content. So oranges naturally come on the list.

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You can ground some orange peels into a paste and mix in warm water.

Then spread this paste at typical ant spots around the house.

This can help in sending a strong quit notice to the unwanted ant visitors.


6. Borax

This is taking the war on ants to a higher level.

Borax doesn’t just repel them or confuse their sense of direction, it kills them out rightly.

This it does by first luring the ants closer – ants like the smell of borax, interestingly!

But as soon as they take a bite, it’s bye-bye for good.

To use borax, mix some amount of it into some food jelly or granulated sugar and place on a paper wad or flat plate where you have ants.

Ants will begin to converge to dine. And it’ll be their last supper.

However, be sure to take precautionary steps to avoid an accident.

Borax can be toxic to pets and to children, so ensure to be watchful if you have some borax ant recipe somewhere around your home.


7. White Vinegar

As far as the ants are concerned, the smell of vinegar is like chemical weapon.

They cannot stand the strong, foul odor. Just like in the case of lemon, vinegar also masks the scent trail of ants.

This will cause them to lose direction and walk ‘blind’. So they naturally tend to steer clear of vinegar.

To use this trick, mix some vinegar and water together. You can add a few drops of essential oil into the vinegar water.

Then spray or mop around the house, on floors and furniture, and on areas where there are ants.

Do this once a day for a while, until the ants are all gone.


8. Lemons

Here’s another ingredient that ants don’t like in their way.

The smell of lemon is repulsive to the insects, so they won’t come near it.

So if ants are on the march around your home, squeeze on some lemon juice.

Aside from the smell, the acidic contents of lemon also tend to make life difficult for ants.

It typically messes up their scent trail and interferes with their movement, so they avoid it altogether.

You can either sprinkle some lemon juice in area around your home or kitchen where you notice the ants, or just mop up the floor or furniture with water mixed with some drops of lemon juice.

This should deter the ants and make you happier.


9. Cinnamon

This is another common ingredient that you would find very effective as ant repellent.

Ants don’t like the peculiar smell of cinnamon; it’s a turn off for them.

Simply mix some cinnamon essential oil into a measure of water.

Then soak a clean towel or cotton in this solution and clean down floor surfaces and places around the house where ants have been spotted.

Once the smell goes it, the ants can perceive it from miles away and they won’t come near.


10. Peppermint

This ingredient has a long-standing reputation ant repellent. Most insects don’t like peppermint.

Again, it’s about the smell. Ants don’t are put off by the smell of peppermint.

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They don’t want to come near it, and are very likely to steer clear out of the way.

Mixing some drops of peppermint essential oil into a measure of water, and mopping or cleaning around the house with it will easily keep the ants at bay.

They won’t come near or try to walk on surfaces that have been laced with peppermint.

You can even sprinkle dried peppermint instead of the liquid mixture.

If you have a small garden in your backyard, you can grow some peppermint in it.

Alternatively, you can also use dried peppermint sprinkled at strategic spots in the around the house.

Works well to repel insects generally.


11. Cucumber Peel

Here comes another amazing ant repellant. Ants don’t like cucumber very much.

They generally tent to turn the other way when they see a cucumber up ahead.

So what do you do? Serve them some cucumber salad.

Simply peel a cucumber nicely.

Then drop pieces of the fresh peel at strategic spots around the house, where ants have been seen.

This should help in sending them packing. Remember to use only fresh cucumber peels.

Do this for a while, until the ants get the message that they’ve been handed the quit notice.


12. Keep Home Clean

This is the crux of the matter, where it all begins.

Maintaining a clean atmosphere is imperative not only for getting rid of ants, but for also helping you maintain your health overall.

A dirty environment littered with decay and food remnants will surely attract a handful of scavenging ants to your door step.

Ants leave trails that other ants follow.

By cleaning floors and other surface around the house, you’re wiping off such ant trails, thus limiting the chances of more ants invading your house.

So firstly, ensure you keep your house clean at all time if you don’t want ants crawling all over your house.

Keep every area of our house clean and tidy.

Ants are not likely to wander about or be drawn to your house if there’s nothing there to attract them.

Keep floors clean.

Sweep up food particles after eating, and clean the table of any spills, mop floor or kitchen to get rid of sweet or juicy substances that insects might be drawn to.

Keep food containers and jars tightly sealed, especially those used for storing sugar, honey, syrup and other foods that can attract ants.

Foods should be stored in airtight plastic containers with the lid firmly in place every time.



Here you have it. We hope you’ve found a point or two in this article that you can take advantage of, something that you can try out as soon as possible.

But whatever you do, keep in mind that using toxic substances around the house isn’t the best way to go, especially if you have pets and children playing around.

What other methods of eradicating ants from your home do you know?

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