15 Effective Home Remedies For Cough You’ve Been Ignoring


15 Effective Home Remedies For Cough You’ve Been Ignoring

A cough is often the result of a sudden and forceful expulsion of air from the passages of the respiratory system.

It serves the purpose of clearing out the airways of mucus, bugs and foreign particles that cause irritation.

But a cough can be very embarrassing nonetheless, especially when it singles you out in an odd sort of way.

Picture a quiet library hall; everyone burying their faces in books, trying to read, and suddenly you explode in a loud cough that startles everyone.

What about in a restaurant or a nice banking hall?

All heads repeated turning in disgusts in the direction of the one coughing now and then.

You’ve been there before, haven’t you?

But generally speaking, it’s not such a bad thing to cough.

If anything, it can help to relieve irritation and make your throat clear.

Coughing is one of the body’s protective mechanisms, serving to keep the respiratory system clear.

There’s only cause for alarm when the cough gets prolonged and sustained, which may be due to allergic reactions and infection.


Types Of Cough

There are two main types of coughs: Dry Cough and Productive Cough.

All the other types of cough find their place within the two mentioned categories.

A dry cough is often provoked by allergies or irritation in the throat, dust or cold.

It is best treated with expectorants and demulcents that soothe irritated mucous membranes, and also remove the irritant triggering the cough.

A productive cough is one in which you cough up phlegm or mucous substances.

When these symptoms come, some people erroneously try to suppress or keep it in for fear of causing a nuisance.

However, this type of cough should never suppressed, because your body needs to rid itself of the gunk that’s in your chest/lungs.


Causes Of Cough

Coughs can be set off by a variety of factors, depending on the type of cough in question.

Typically, all types of cough can be indicative of some lung conditions and should be looked into, especially if the symptoms are prolonged and painful.

Smoking is often associated with chesty coughs.

Smokers are very susceptible to cough because they always get irritation in their system.

This is because cigarette smoke irritates the lungs, causing an excessive amount of mucus to be produced.

Certain allergies which trigger an inflammation of the respiratory system could also cause dry cough.

Furthermore, dry coughs may be associated with psychological conditions including anxiety and depression.


Prevention Tips

This is very important. Perhaps as important as treating cough itself.

In addition to learning how to treat a cough, you might want to learn how to prevent them in the first place.

First thing first, you have to avoid coming in contact with people who are sick.

Of course, you already know that cough is infectious.

The warning also goes the other way; if you’re sick, avoid going to work, school or public places to avoid infecting others.

Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.

And don’t forget to wash your hands always.

Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and ensure to keep a clean, dust-free environment.

But try to see your doctor immediately if you begin to experience such symptoms as dehydration, high fever, painful and prolonged cough, and fatigue.

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Some Important Home Remedies

home remedies for cough

This depends largely on the type of cough in question.

You can treat coughs with a number of medicines and antibiotics that can be obtained at your local drugstore.

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However, for those who prefer to avoid chemicals found in synthetic medications, there are natural home remedies that you can take advantage of.

And just in case, it might interest you to know that one study has shown that some home remedies can relieve coughs more effectively than over-the-counter medicines.


1. Honey

Honey has been known to possess profound health benefits for man.

It is a rich demulcent agent that serves to sooth irritated mucous membranes.

It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which would help to alleviate the symptoms of cough.

There are different ways of using honey. A dry cough responds to a mixture of honey with juice from grapes.

Mix in honey and lemon juice to a glass of warm water and drink this three times per day for relief from cough.

Honey is very helpful in relieving sore throat, and a glass of warm milk mixed with honey just before bedtime with serve to sooth night-time cough.

However, bear in mind that in spite of the incredible benefits of honey, overconsumption can be even inimical to your health.

Also, do not administer honey to a child under 2 years old.


2. Pepper & Honey

Black pepper can be a great remedy for coughs when it is mixed with some measure of honey.

The honey adds its antibacterial properties and makes the pepper less irritating to the user.

You can make black pepper and honey remedy by mixing 1 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper, 1 tablespoon of honey and about 8 ounces of fresh water.

Directions: Place the pepper and honey in a mug and then cover with boiling water.

Give it stir to disperse the pepper flakes and melt in the honey.

Steep for 10 minutes, stir once more, and drink in its entirety. Repeat 1-2 times a day as required to loosen mucous.


3. Gargle Some Salt Water

Here’s another great yet simple home remedy to combat cough that many may have ignored.

A salt and water gargle can actually help soothe an itchy.

For best result, mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 8 ounces of warm water can help to relieve irritation.

When you’re feeling an itch or soreness in your throat, just gargle.

The salt in the water will help to remove irritants in the throat as well as drain excess fluid from inflamed spots.

This will serve in reducing the symptoms of cough.

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4. Drink Some Warm Water

That’s perhaps the easiest and quickest solution to an urgent cough. Get a glass of water.

But it’s best if the water is warm. Cough and cold water don’t do so well together, no.

Drinking warm water is a good way of soothing the inflammation in the throat.


5. Use A Pillow

15 effective home remedies for cough you've been ignoring

It’s amazing how much some small things count; like resting your head on a pillow when you sleep so that your head can be slightly elevated.

In certain cases, a productive cough results when mucus substances drips from the back of the nose into the throat.

This will obviously become aggravated at night when the body posture supports such dripping.

When you sleep with your head slightly raised at night, you’ll find that it helps both to reduce coughing and promotes sound sleep.


6. Keep Your Lozenges Handy

The irritation caused by constant coughing can be overcome by using throat lozenges, which are known to be helpful in prevention of sore throat.

Lozenges are medicated and contain active ingredients like dextromethorphan (a cough suppressant) or benzocaine (an anesthetic), as well as some natural soothing ingredients such as honey, menthol, peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil.

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All these properties are helpful in the treatment of cough.

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7. Be Thyme Conscious

Aside from its use in spicing up cuisines, thyme is very helpful in treatment of some respiratory illnesses as well.

Thyme leaves contain compounds that relax the throat muscles and lessen inflammation.

Thyme has been used for ages to treat various diseases.

It is a wholesome natural remedy. Indeed, it does have anti-microbial properties that’ll do you good.

It has been proven to relax the muscles of the trachea and bronchi, and also open up clogged airways.

The result is less coughing, and increased comfort.

To use, simply mix some thyme in hot water and allow to settle for a few minutes, then drain out the leaves.

Mix some lemon or honey into it for improved taste and drink the brew whole.

You can do this at least twice daily as needed, to get some relief from cough.


8. Eat Some Fresh Fruits

This might be surprising to most people, but fruits can really work wonders when it comes down to fighting cough.

Fruits such as pineapples and grapes are actually ideal. Pineapple contains a compound (bromelain) which is known to be helpful in the treatment of cough.

But not only that; pineapple has a lot of health benefits for a number of conditions.

You can either eat a slice of pineapple daily or drink some fresh pineapple juice a couple of times a day to get some relief for your throat irritation.

It is however not advisable to administer bromelain supplements to children or to adults on blood thinners.

Fresh grape juice, on the other hand, will also help to relieve chesty cough especially when it is combined with some honey.

Grape juice acts as a mucolytic expectorant.

It helps lighten phlegm and making it easier to cough up, rather than suppressing the cough.

Note that it can help to cough and spit out some phlegm rather than keeping them back in your throat.

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9. Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint contains a variety of properties that are beneficial in treating cough.

The menthol in peppermint leaves helps to soothe and decongest the throat and airways, making it easier to breathe.

There are a few ways to get the most of peppermint leaves: you can simply prepare and drink peppermint tea instead of your regular type of tea, or you can prepare a steam bath with peppermint and just inhale the vapor.


10. Try Some Ginger Remedies

Ginger has some great health benefits, and it has been used since the age directly or as a supplement to treat various conditions.

It is also one of the best known home remedies to treat cough and sooth the throat.

To get relief for cough, you can chew on a ginger like a snack.

Just sprinkle a bit of slat on it and chew a few time s a day.

That is, if you’re comfortable with the ‘hot’ feel of the root.

But there are a number of ways in which ginger spice can be used.

You can prepare your peppermint herbal drink which we talked about earlier on, and then spice it up with some sliced ginger and a teaspoon of honey to get the most relief.

This is a healthy expectorant to suppress cough.

It can also stop the painful tickle at the back of throat that can trigger a cough in the first place.

If you like, you can also drink down some ginger tea a couple of times a day.

To prepare, simply chop ginger into fine pieces, add into a cup of water and boil for up to 10 minutes, till the volume reduces by half.

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Then strain the liquid, add one teaspoon of honey and drink when warm to give a soothing effect against cough.


11. Inhale Some Steam

You may not know this, but steam inhalation can be very helpful to suppress cough and throat congestion.

For the most result, you can add numerous essential oils that will impart wonderful healing benefits.

These benefits (anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory etc.) do become airborne, so you inhale them while you breathe in the steam.

To prepare a healthy steam, get a small bowl of water and boil.

Then allow it cool for up to a minute. Next, add some essential oil and stir.

Finally, get your face closer and just inhale the steam as it rises out of the water.

Ensure that the water is not too hot, as it can be injurious. If you feel uncomfortable, pull back your face.


12. Garlic Remedy As Well

Garlic is a natural expectorant. It contains antimicrobial properties that make it an invaluable recipe in the treatment of cough.

To prepare your garlic remedy, march some cloves of peeled garlic and stir-fry in a teaspoon of ghee.

Take this while still warm for relief from cough and cold.


13. What About Some Onion Juice?

This is a milder alternative to garlic that many people will easily embrace.

But that doesn’t make onions any less effective in the treatment of cough and throat irritation.

Onions, in fact, holds some great health benefits. It contains properties that enhance its reputation as a cough suppressant.

Furthermore, it can also ease prevent growth of bacteria in the throat and relief dry cough.

It’s pretty easy to prepare an onion solution. Just crush a red onion bulb and squeeze out the juice.

Mix this with some honey if you prefer, all the better.

Take a spoonful of this mixture a few times a day to sooth throat irritation.


14. Don’t Forget Your Spicy, Hot soup

No, you shouldn’t. Because spicy hot soup are plentiful with healthy spices (garlic, onions, ginger, etc.) that can sooth throat congestion and relieve a cough that accompanies cold and flu.

As you scoop up some hot soup into your mouth, you begin to feel the magic as the active ingredients in these herbs enters your airways and loosens the mucus, while the warm liquid soothes your throat.


15. Aloe Vera Juice

Just about everyone knows of Aloe Vera plant. It is a highly medicinal herb that is beneficial in treatment of various health conditions, including cough.

Aloe vera juice contains a natural gel that helps to sooth and relieves inflamed tissues, either on the skin or throat.

It can relieve dry cough.

If you can, split a couple of aloe vera leaves open and scoop out the gel into a clean container.

Eat this by itself if you can stomach the peculiar bitter taste.

If not, you can always sweeten with some honey to make it more palatable.



There are perhaps dozens of natural cough remedies that you can try out today, to get instant or progressive relief from cough, sore throat, congestion and throat irritation.

Using home remedies or OTC products can help provide relief from cough.

However, it is equally important to remember that if you find the cough persisting for an extended period of time, it is best to see a doctor to identify if there is any underlying serious problem that is causing the cough.

Do you know other home remedies for cough?

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