15 Incredible Health Benefits of Honey that You Didn’t Know


health benefits of honey!

If you’ve ever had a taste of some juicy honey before, of course you know what a delicacy it is.

For generations, millions of people across all tribes have relished the great taste of honey.

But aside from the deliciousness of honey, it has been preferred throughout the ages both for its nutritious properties and medicinal values.

Honey in case you’re still in doubt, is one of the most remarkable healing potions applicable for all kinds of ailments.

Many ancient cultures – Greeks, Romans, Asians and Europeans – have been using honey because of its antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Did you know that just one tablespoon of honey contains about 64 calories minus fat and cholesterol?

Among other nutrients, honey is rich in vitamins, amino acids, calcium, iron and potassium. Small wonder some people think of honey as the ‘superfood’.

To encourage the consumption of honey both for its nutritious and therapeutic properties.

I have put together some wonderful health benefits of honey.

And, hey, you might want to go get some honey as you enjoy this informative article.

Why should you eat honey? Here’s why.

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15 Incredible Benefits Of Honey That You Didn’t Know

15 Incredible Benefits of Honey

Source: americanpregnancy.org

1. Cough Treatment

Rather than constantly taking synthetic drugs and other medicine bearing harmful artificial chemicals to suppress your nagging cough, what you need is honey.

Honey is a much better natural remedy to get rid of cough.

Many who have taken it already know that just two tablespoons of honey can be just as effective as any cough syrup you could get at your local drugstore.

Honey is a demulcent that serves to sooth the nerve endings that protect the throat and alleviate cough.

When raw organic honey is mixed moderately heated in a clean pan and mixed with boiled lemon, what you have is an effective cough suppressant.



Get a pan and heat a small portion of honey moderately. Don’t over heat.

In a separate pan, boil a couple of lemons (whole, not sliced or peeled) for a few minutes.

After that, get out the lemon and slice them into bits.

The sliced bits of lemon must then be added to the honey pan and allowed to heat together for about an hour.

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After this, remove the lemon pieces from the lemon mixture then put the honey into a bottle.

Refrigerate if you want to.

To treat cough, take 1 tablespoon of the honey/lemon mixture several times a day.

Children should typically take half a teaspoon. But do not administer honey to infants under a year old. Ever! That’s a ‘no, no!’


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2. Dandruff treatment

Because it contains potent anti fungal and antibacterial properties, honey is a proven remedy against scalp-related issues.

Itchy scalps and dandruffs can be a thing of the past, simply by you applying a diluted solution of honey and water to the scalp for only a few minutes.

Your scalp will be rejuvenated in no time.

And even if you do not have dandruff issues, the honey/water solution will serve as a natural moisturizer and give your hair a healthier glow.


Source: healthxchange.sg

3. Burns and Injuries:

Here’s another area in which the efficacy of honey as a natural medicine has been put to the test over and over again.

Honey has been used to sooth and treat wounds for centuries before even the discovery of penicillin, because it has the properties to disinfect the wounds and kill bacteria.

Honey has been proven to make wounds heal faster and, here’s the great part; wounds treated using honey often heal better than wounds treated using other means, leaving little or no ugly scars except for very serious injuries.


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4. Body Moisturizer:

Honey is not just great to eat; it is also good to be used on your body as a moisturizer.

Honey is a wholesome substance that can restore moisture to your entire body and give you a supple, healthier looking skin.

It’s pretty easy and anyone can use honey as a moisturizing body lotion – just add a little organic honey into your regular cream or lotion at home and mix properly, and you’re good to go.

honey and immune booster

Credit: greenmedinfo.com

5. Immune booster:

Eating honey regularly can help to boost your immune system and keep back sicknesses and diseases.

A strong immune system will ensure that the body is in a better shape to fight off any infection and make us less prone to common ailments like cold, cough, and flu because, as you know already,  honey has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

honey detoxify

6. Detoxifier Agent:

Of course, consuming honey will also help cleanse your digestive system.

It is a natural cleanser and detoxifying agent when mixed with a glass of warm water, and some lemon juice and taken at least once a day.

7.    Cancer treatment

Oh, boy, now this is great!

Even though research in this area is still ongoing, the prospects are promising.

Studies have shown that properties contained in honey have the possibility of preventing the growth of tumors and spread of cancer cells in the body.

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Honey also contains phenolic compounds that are capable of healing and rejuvenating cells in the body.

8. Sex/Libido Booster:

It gets more interesting. If you’re already used to eating honey regularly, you should have no problem with your sex drive.

But if you find you’re having issues with your libido, then you should resort to honey for a lasting solution without long term side effects.

That’s because honey is a natural aphrodisiac that enhances your libido.

Want to kick up your drive for a better sex life?

Try honey today. According to studies, honey can help men produce more testosterone and women to produce more estrogen to stimulate their love life behind the sheets.

It is also believed that honey can also help with fertility problems.


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9. Yeast Infection:

Women who have suffered from this will tell you that it is not funny at all.

There are a number of reasons why women get yeast infection, which comes with itching of the vagina as well as vaginal discharge.

When the acidic nature of the vagina increases, yeast infection can set in. to treat this, ensure you clean the vagina area well.

Then mix some honey with plain yoghurt and rub around the vagina area twice daily, or you can use the honey alone to get relief over time.

Make sure to slip a little of this mixture into your vagina using your fingers and then wash off after 10 minutes.


10. Help get rid of eczema/acne:

This super food is also a good remedy for treatment of eczema.

If you’ve ever had eczema, you know how uncomfortable and embarrassing a situation it can be, with your skin appearing dry and flaky, looking like scales.

If you’re battling eczema as well as acne, add a mixture of honey and lemon juice into a glass of warm water.

Drink this daily for a period. While you’re at this, you can also apply a little honey to the affected spots or areas on your skin.

This will effective get rid of the skin trouble sooner than you think.

memory enhancer

11.  Memory Enhancer

As you go along in life, you need to keep your memory sharp and intact, especially if you’re multi-tasking and you have so much on your mind or you’re aging gracefully.

Honey will in the long run ensure your brain cells are energized and active, and that you are not forgetful of little details.

Eating honey can help to keep your memory alert always, because it contains properties that energizers the brain cells.

Add a teaspoon of honey to your cup of` tea daily and you’d be doing yourself a great good, because you’re not just eating nutrients for your body; you’re taking care of your brain in the process.

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weight loss

12. Weight Loss Remedy:

Don’t let the sweet, desirous appeal of honey fool you.

Honey, unlike sugar, can actually help you shed some extra pounds here and there.

If you really need to burn off fat and you’re on a strict work-out session, you can still delight in some delicious honey.

Two teaspoonful of honey mixed in a glass of warm water and taken two times a day (in the morning first thing and at night, just before bed) should do.

15 Incredible health Benefits of Honey

13. Common Cold

Honey-based syrup, rather than regular syrup, has also been proven by many people to be good in treating symptoms of a cold.

This is so because it works to calm inflamed membranes and ease a cough, some studies have shown.

In a study that involved 139 children, honey beat out dextromethorphan (a cough suppressant) and diphenhydramine (an antihistamine) in easing nighttime cough in children and improving their sleep.


 14. Viable source of energy

if you need energy on the go, particular if you are a sports person, honey will serve you just right.

Research has shown that honey is an excellent ergogenic aid and helps in boosting the performance of athletes for optimal output.

Of course, you already know that honey contains about 64 calories per tablespoon.

Therefore, it is used by many people as a source of energy.

Furthermore, the carbohydrates in honey can be easily converted into glucose by even the most sensitive stomachs, since it is very easy for the body to digest this pure, natural

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 15. Vitamins and Mineral Supplement

Yes, that’s another great importance of honey, another reason you need to take it as often as you can.

Honey contains a variety of importance vitamins and minerals that would step up the healthy function of your body and keep you in shape always.

Furthermore, as an antioxidant, honey is rich in nutraceuticals, a property that is helpful in the removal of free radicals from the body.

You may feel no need for eating honey.

Just do so anyway. Your body needs it.

However, please note that there can be a downside to eating too much honey. Eat it moderately, don’t overdo it. And don’t forget the part about not giving honey to infants. Please don’t.



People of all tribes across all ages cannot be wrong about the wonderful health benefits and importance of honey as a natural remedy for a vast number of ailments.

For whatever health condition you’re dealing with, perhaps a teaspoon or two of raw, organic honey could give relief.

Ask your physician. Talk to people. Cure could be closer to you than you could ever imagine.

What other benefits of honey do you know?

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