20 Health Benefits of Papaya | How Pawpaw will make you look younger


20 Health Benefits of Papaya | How Pawpaw will make you look younger

How Pawpaw will make you look younger | 20 Health Benefits of Papaya

Pawpaw, also known as papaya, is not only deliciously nutritious, it is also one of the most veritable natural remedy for a good number of health conditions.

Small wonder it has been described by many as the most versatile fruit on the planet.

And even then, that’s still putting it modestly.

Consider that every part of pawpaw tree has been associated with the treatment of one condition or the other; this is aside from the sheer goodness and national benefits of the fruit itself.

However, it is unbelievable (and unacceptable) that not very many people are conversant with the health benefits of pawpaw.

So they’re not taking advantage of it.


Just How Beneficial Is Pawpaw?

Like we’ve mentioned, every part of the pawpaw tree has some use for many people across different cultures.

From the leaves to the seeds, to the sap of the plant, the stem, leaves and fleshy fruits, you would find pawpaw immensely beneficial for your total health and wellness.

Firstly, the leaves are loaded with nutrients like Vitamins A, C, D, E, calcium, flavonoids, tannins, betacarotene, folate, antioxidants and dietary fiber.

Those active properties combine to make pawpaw a much desired ingredient in the area of traditional herbal therapy and cure of sicknesses.

And that is just the beginning.

How Pawpaw will make you look younger | 20 Health Benefits of Papaya


1. Powerful Immune Booster

Pawpaw is great for enhancing the body’s immune system.

The leaves contain powerful immune-boosting agents, which are also proven to be helpful against cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and even cancer.

Your immune system acts as a shield against various infections that can make knock you down and take away your sunshine.

But not when you’ve made papaya and other fruits your appetizer and in-between refreshment course.

Rather than snacking on processed drinks and other oily junks, eating fruits like pawpaw will do you a world of good.

Consider that a single papaya fruit contains up to 200% of your daily vitamin requirements (vitamins A, C and E), according to nutritionists.

This alone makes pawpaw a great food source for improved immune system and all-round health in general.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

Now, how about this! Pawpaw is a great natural beauty products that can enhance your physically appearance by making you look younger.

In fact, most beauty products manufacturers incorporate natural herbs extract into their brands?

That’s right. Nature truly has all it takes to keep you looking great and beautiful all year round!

But with pawpaw, you don’t have to look too far for enhanced skin beauty free of aging wrinkles and dryness.

The leaves contain time-tested anti-aging compoundssuch as threonine, glutamate acid, glycine, proline, and several other important amino acids.

These agents are also components of regular expensive cosmetic products, just in case you’re wondering.

3. Improves Eyes And Bone Health

Among the various natural foods that helps to enhance your bone health and improves vision, pawpaw is way up in the list.

That’s because of the wholesome properties that the fruit is loaded with –vitamin A, zeaxanthin, cyptoxanthin, lutein, vitamin D and calcium, which are helpful for strong and healthy bones.

Another incredible components of pawpaw is beta-carotene, important for eye health and improved immunity.

It keeps the mucus membranes in the eyes healthy and also prevent the development of macular degeneration.

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 4. No More Cold!

Because papaya is great for enhanced immune system, that means you don’t readily fall a victim of some common viral infections like cold or flu.

So if you want to stay healthier for longer, try eating more fresh pawpaw regularly.

 5. Acne-Free And Beautiful Skin

Oh, yes! Pawpaw has been shown to be a great natural skin beauty remedy over the years.

It contains dozens of active agents, like karpain, which can help to keep your skin healthy by destroying microorganismsand bacteria from your skin.

Studies have indicated that pawpaw leaves can also act against skin conditions like pimples, acne, freckles, blemishes and eczema.

Furthermore, pawpaw has also been shown to be helpful in treatment of dandruff and preventing hair loss,

Truly, pawpaw is one of the most important natural beauty products that nature has ever designed!

To achieve acne-free skin, simply blend some pawpaw leaves and apply gently on your face like a mask in smooth, even layer.

Wash off with warm water after a few minutes. No side effects.

As a skin beauty agent, pawpaw is also helpful in healing skin wounds and sores from minor cuts or burns.

 6. Checks Prostate Enlargement

Studies have indicated that pawpaw contains active properties that can help to check enlargement of prostate, hence lowering risk of prostate cancer in men.

When you think about this, you want to consume pawpaw in whatever form, as often as you can, especially if you’re a man.

You can eat the fresh meat or help yourself to some steaming pawpaw tea regularly.

Works wonders, and will keep you healthier than your regular tea or soda.

7. Increased Blood Platelet Count

Everyone needs his ample amount of healthy blood.

Low platelet count can certainly cause an adverse effect in your body.

For one, it can make your blood clot. But thank goodness, that can be taken care of with pawpaw leaf tea.

This healthy brew can help to increase platelet counts, according to studies.

8. Helps With Weight Loss

Pawpaw is great when it comes to maintaining a fit and healthy body weight.

According to studies, pawpaw is low in calories and high in dietary fiber which is important for weight loss.

If you’re concerned about your weight, or you’re already on a weight loss diet, pawpaw should be your preferred fruit.

9. And Menstrual Cramps, Ouch!

No more nasty cramps just because it’s that time of the month again.

Now no worries, you don’t have to sit up at night clutching your stomach.

That’s if you learn to incorporate pawpaw into your daily diet.

If you’re used to menstrual cramps messing up your style and you desperately want relief, boil some pawpaw leaves in a liter of water for about 15 minutes.

The taste might not be your regularly cup of tea, but drink it down anyways.

But feel free to add in some tamarind and salt to ease up the taste a little. It’ll help to take care of the cramps.

Drink this 3 times a day for the duration of your period.

10. Anti-Cancer Properties

Although numerous cancer research are still ongoing, there are indications that pawpaw may just be one of the important foods required to end the scourge of cancer.

We’ve talked about pawpaw as being effective in lowering risk of prostate cancer.

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But there are indications that pawpaw leaves also contain a high amount or active agents that can be helpful in both prevention and treatment of other types of cancer.

Studies conducted in the University of Florida indicated that pawpaw leaf has properties that can actually kill off variant cancer cells, especially cervix, liver, breast and lung cancer, as well as prostate, which we talked about earlier.

For maximum result, especially in treatment, patients are advised to take pawpaw tea for an extended period of time.

Pawpaw leaf can also help to reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy, even though it will leave no side effect of its own.

And that’s the amazing thing.

Therefore, pawpaw leaf is recommended for chemotherapy because it can reduce associated side effects, while also increasing the immune system’s response to cancer.

11. Want Some Tea?

Many don’t even know that you can brew a cup of steaming morning tea from pawpaw leaf.

This unique herbal tea can help to improve your health greatly.

Try it as soon as possible, it can even be a substitute for your regular tea leaf.

To prepare pawpaw leaf tea, get up to 10 pawpaw leaves and chop them down nicely.

Then boil the chopped leaves in a ½ gallon of clean water. Boil for up to 30 minutes, or until the water content reduces considerably.

Allow to cool down and then refrigerate tea for a couple of days.

Oh, wow! What a healthy brew! You can drink this at your convenience.

Note, however, that although pawpaw leaf is versatile and can be helpful in restoring health, it is not to be consumed during pregnancy.

It has potent properties that may induce abortion or other complications.

Experts also warn that pawpaw leaves should never be taken side-by-side with any thyroid stimulators or powerful prescription medications.

This cocktail can be a dangerous mix, with adverse effect on your body.

12. Bowel Cleansing Effect

Pawpaw leaf is also great when it comes to relieving symptoms of indigestion and constipation.

It can be helpful as some laxative to help cleanse your bowel if you have problem of constipation after a heavy meal.

Pawpaw leaf contains such agents like karpain, papain and powerful enzymes which can get rid of bacteria causing stomach discomfort.

This agents can help with gastrointestinal track and acid reflux, as well as in breaking down proteins and carbs, granting you soothing relief from stomach upset.

13. Lowers Cholesterol Level

With all you’ve been told about cholesterol, I’m guessing that by now you’re aware that too much cholesterol in your body can progressively block your arteries.

This in turn can trigger cardiac arrest and other coronary complications like stroke.

But thank goodness, studies have linked consumption of pawpaw to lower cholesterol levels.

So if you have concerns about your cholesterol level going up the scale, try incorporating papaya into your daily meal plan.

Replace some of your regular fried, oily snacks and junk foods with fresh pawpaw and your cholesterol will thank you for it.

Papayas contain important vitamins and fibers that can help to check the build-up of cholesterol in your arteries.

Treat yourself right; eat some papaya regularly!

14. Treatment of Feverish Symptoms

Back to pawpaw leaves. Where I come from, pawpaw leaf is a potent medicinal herb used in treatment of fever – malaria, typhoid and even dengue.

Boiled along with other herbs and consumed regular morning and evening for a number of days, the result is often astounding!

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Pawpaw leaves can help in alleviating such feverish symptoms like cold, rising temperature and headache.

15. Helps Your Appetite

If you’ve been experiencing natural loss of appetite lately, find that you’re not feeling hungry as often as a healthy person should, what you need is pawpaw to get things started.

Pawpaw leaves taken for other health concerns can also help in boosting waning appetite, thus restoring health and vitality.

16. Natural Hair Treatment

Pawpaw has been shown to be one of the most important natural beauty remedy around.

It can help in taking care of a number of beauty concerns, including acne, skin beauty and hair as well!

Due to the nutrients it contain, pawpaw is great for maintaining your hair texture and growth.

This is why a number of hair care products, like shampoo, hair conditioner and gel, are produced using pawpaw leaves extract.

17. Diabetes Control Properties

Papayas can help in treatment of diabetes because it is actually low in sugar, contrary to some opinions.

If you’re treating diabetes and you’re worried over what fruits to avoid, set your heart as ease when you think about pawpaw.

Its low sugar content is actually good for you, without the risk of aggravating your condition.

Aside from that, pawpaw leaves also contain vitamins and phytonutrients compounds that can prevent the development of heart disease in people suffering from diabetes.

According to studies, pawpaw leaf can improve your insulin sensitivity while decreasing ALT and AST (bio-markers of diabetes type II) enzyme levels simultaneously.

The antioxidants substances found in pawpaw leaves can also help to reduce other associated complications like oxidative stress, liver and kidney damage in the long run.

18. Promote Rapid Wound Healin

When there’s a wound slow in healing, especially as a result of diabetes complications, pawpaw leaf extract can help to remedy the situation.

It contains active antibacterial and antioxidant agent that can promote wound healing and restore damaged skin cells and tissue.

19. Contains Diuretic Properties

Drinking pawpaw leaf tea regularly can help to break down food and toxins, cleanse your system and promote improve metabolic functioning.

The effect of the diuretic properties in pawpaw will help to improve your bladder functions, which will flush toxins from the body through the urine.

20. Helps In Reducing Stress

 I’m sure you want to relax and have a quiet sleep, especially after a hectic time working.

Again, pawpaw is just what you need. Eating a slice or two of papaya can help in making you relaxed after a tough day.

So if you’ve had a busy day, why, get some pawpaw to sooth your nerves!


And that is not all, which makes papaya one of the most versatile and wholesome fruit that is excellent for your entire body.

Whether you’re sipping down on a cup of steaming pawpaw leaf tea, not minding the taste, or simply munching on some juicy pawpaw meat, you’re putting a number of essential vitamins and mineral into your body. In the end, you’re healthier and happier.

Thanks to pawpaw!

What other health benefits of pawpaw do you know?

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