8 Ways Cell Phones Can Endanger Your Health


8 Ways In Which Cell Phones Can Endanger Your Health

Cell Phones Can Endanger Your Health

We live in an age of great advancement in scientific and technological inventions.

This has indeed made life much easier for us.

Today, we enjoy a lot of benefits that people, decades ago, never had the privilege of.

One of such benefits that have helped to ease the way we do business and maintain relationship is the mobile phone.

Simply stated, cell phones have enhanced communication in ways never thought possible. And even that is putting it mildly.

Today, cell phones are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Everyone has a cell phone.

We simply cannot imagine life without these handy devices.

It seems inconceivable to imagine what life would have been like for people in previous ages that never had cell phones invented during their time.


Are There Health Risks?

However, let us consider again.

As with many other inventions of man, scientists have warned that cell phones may have some health implications for frequent users.

Constant use of phones poses some health risks.

We have mentioned that before when we talked about how you can maintain total health.

That is not to suggest that we can altogether avoid owning a using a cellular phone.

That won’t be realistic. But at least, knowing the possible dangers can help in keeping us from harm’s way.


How Really Risky Are Cell Phones?

effect of mobile phone on human health

To answer that, let us consider some of the few ways in which cell phones have been reputed to possess health risk for people:

1. Stress Levels:

Excessive use and dependence on cell phones can indeed affect our stress levels.

How this happens is pretty simple: have you ever been in a situation where your phone rings suddenly and gets you started?

Or you’re expecting an urgent call that isn’t coming and you’re on the edge?

My guess is that you ticked yes to at least one of the aforementioned scenarios.

This is very unhealthy for the user, and can culminate in other conditions like high blood pressure or stroke, in the long term.

The constant ringing, vibrating, buzzing and reminders that come on our phones can actually add to the stress levels of people.

It’s actually ideal to sometimes distance yourself from your phone. Swift it off and go get some sound sleep.


2. Abusive Tendencies:

Cell phones use can be addictive; as I’m sure we’ve all seen.

People get ‘hooked’ on their mobile devices, as though it was some sort of hard drugs or performance-enhancing substance.

Most like, it is. On the bus and trains, in libraries and classrooms, even while driving, many people simply cannot get their hands off their cell phones.

The use of phone is therefore being abused.

Studies have associated this tendency (excessive phone use) with such health conditions as sleep disorder and depression.

They also say that prolonged abuse of the cell phones can negatively impact our mental health.


3. A Source Of Emotional Crack:

It is curious that that the cell phones can cause a rift or a crack in relationships.

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Rather than cement union and strengthen love, the cell phone can actually cause a gap.

This happens when people, and this is more rampant nowadays, are tied to their phones.

A lot of folk spend more and more time with their phones and virtual friends than with actual people they can see around them.

We have seen dozens of cases where this has caused irreparable breach between couples and in families.

When out on a date, be conscious of the one with whom you’re siting. It’s only polite.

For the time being, try and put your phone aside.

If you’re worried a call might come in, then switch off the phone altogether.

Spend more time with your loved ones than with your phones.  Build a real life union with people you can see.

When your relationship suffers, it’s going to cause you emotional grief and this will have a backlash on your physical and psychological health.

If you want to maintain a healthy life, then pay attention to building relationships, not tearing them down.

A heartbreak is often detrimental not just to your emotional well-being, but to your physical health as well. It’ll expose you to stress, worry and anxiety, depression, all of which are counter-productive to your health.

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4. Increased Spread Of Germs/Bacteria:

The constant handling and fiddling of the cell phones means that we can easily pick up unseen bacteria from them.

This is even so, when we consider that our hands get in all kinds of places, and we handle our phones with same hands.

We may wash our hands, but we don’t wash the phones, do we?

So even though we clean our hands, we still pick up gems from the phones again.

Also consider the common practice of sharing a phone with someone temporarily.

You can quickly make a call with your friend’s or sibling’s phone, or you can sometimes let them play a game or send a text using your phone. In all of these processes, bacteria could be going from one hand to the next.

The incessant touching of the phones can really harbor certain germs on your cell phone.

It has been shown, according to studies, that the sometimes greasy and oily feel of your phone can contain more germs than you can even imagine.

In one study carried out at the London School of Hygiene, 92% of nearly 400 phones that were examined had one sort of germs on them or the other.

So the next time you want to hand someone your phone, or take a phone from someone, think again.

Especially in a disease prone environment.


5. Constant Back And Joint Pain:

With the frequent use of cell phones come such uncomfortable situations as joint, muscle and back pain.

It may seem like you’re doing nothing just sitting there and swiping the screen of your phone non-stop, but you’re actually doing a whole lot more than you realize.

For starters, maintaining a statutory position, whether you’re sitting or standing, for a while tend to leave some discomfort and stress behind.

You feel fatigue and burned out at the end.

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Most often, with uncontrolled use, your cell phones tend to take a chunk of your time daily.

Unfortunately, that is the order of the telecommunication age we live in, with telecoms companies raking in billions of dollars in profit annually.

Many people live a third of their lives on the phone; making calls, answering calls, sending and receiving text messages, checking email and surfing the internet, making and canceling appointments, writing exams and sitting for online interviews, etc.

Many people even do legitimate businesses with their phones, so they have to be on it at least 6 hours or more every single day.

The end result of that, of course is that there’s a backlash on your health literally.

You begin to feel pain all over.

If you’re already at this juncture (where you’re feeling pains on your back, joint, fingers and muscle), it’s a pointer that you’ve spent too long with your cell phone.

There can also be neck pain at times, depending on how you hold your phone when receiving or making a call.

Some people tend to support their cell phones with their shoulder, pressing the phone against their heads when multi-tasking.

A housewife, for example, slicing the vegetables (using both hands) and making a call at the same.

She has to hold the phone between her neck and her shoulder.

The posture of both the neck and shoulder are compromised in this manner and can trigger discomfort with time.


6. May Impair Eye Functions:

That’s most certainly true, and I can tell you that from experience.

The brightness of a mobile device screen, the proximity it stands to your eyes every time you’re looking at it, as well as the subtle radiation being emitted by the device can all add up to cause progressive but steady deterioration to your eye function.

A lot of people have to stare hard or strain their sight when using their phone because the screen is smaller than a TV or computer screen.

This, in the long run, is likely to cause a problem with your vision.


7. Fatal Road Accident:

An untold number of people have fallen victim to wrong use of cell phones – using a cell phone while driving.

It is very dangerous to try to make or receive or call when you’re behind the steering wheel of a car.

Some people even send a text message that way.

This is not merely a health risk; it in fact places you at great mortal danger.

Not only do you risk your life in so doing, you also pose a grave danger to the lives of other road users as well.

There have been many ghastly and even fatal accidents on our road in recent years.

When you’re driving, you need both hands and your supreme attention.

Making a call divides your attention, even if you’re using an ear piece or a Bluetooth-enabled phone.


8. Possibility Of Cancer:

This is a rather controversial point.Researches are ongoing and many of the reports so far are not very conclusive.

But many scientists have warned over time that there is the possibility that prolonged use of cell phones can cause brain tumor to develop in a person.

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According to the New Zealand Health Ministry, “Cell phones have been classified as a ‘possible’ cause of cancer by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

This doesn’t mean that they definitely cause cancer, but that we can’t rule out.”

Cell phones make use of a high radio frequency to work effectively.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in its recent reports states that this electromagnetic radio frequency given off by mobile phones can possibly cause cancer in humans.

It is believed that when you hold the phone against your ear during a call, this frequency cause gradual damage to your brain. This damage is in the form of a tumor growing in the brain.

As we said, researches in this subject are on-going.

But what do you have to lose by just being careful and health conscious?

So rather than hold your phone close against your head every time you’re on a call, it’s much safer to use a ear piece device.

That way, your phone is far from your head and no damage done.

You also have to be careful if you always put your mobile phones in your pocket, and this goes to the men.

A 2008 study actually showed that putting phones in your pant pocket, where it’s close to your groin, can cause fertility issues for men.

The same radio frequency that can harm your brain can also harm your reproductive system at that range.

Also, limit how much access you give your kids to cell phones.

Children actually have thinner skulls than adults.

So they’re more susceptible to whatever radiation the phone is emitting.

Finally, on this topic, don’t make calls or chat with a low battery or poor signal.

The harder your phone has to work to get reception, the more radiation it emits. It’s also the same when the battery is down.



For safety and health precautions, it is advisable that people take frequent time off from their mobile devices.

If you have to b on your phone or mobile gadget for an extended period, try to take a break of 10 minutes minimum for every hour you spend on the system.

Stretch your feet, walk around and roll your neck and shoulders. That would help to relief the pains that would otherwise build up.

Another thing you can do to maintain a healthy life is to reduce your exposure to radio frequency energy emitted by your phone.

This you can do by opting for the less-energy emitting 3G phones.

You can also use a hands-free device as opposed to pressing your phone against your ears.

Finally, try to keep your calls short and brief. It’s much safer for you.

Alternatively, if you have a conventional landline phone, just great!

Also, bear in mind that when your phone is on low battery or has weaknetwork signals, it usually emits more frequency because it requires more energy to work then.

That means the risks are increased at these times.

What measures are you taking to ensure your smart phones do not pose a problem to you?

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