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Have you ever switched on your tv set and see how many people die daily as a result of one disease or the other?

Have you turned on your radio set and listen to the different diseases rampaging the society daily?

Do you know that you and I can actually do something to bring these menace to its barest minimum?

That is why I created is an educational blog which covers area like health topics, weight loss topics, fitness topics, food and nutrition topics, pregnancy topics, and topics relating to all kinds of diseases

To help you understand simple ways to treat, prevent and possibly cure various diseases that is battling humanity in recent years.

I guess you are thinking what a good idea that is.


It will actually go a long way to curb the menace of diseases and disorder around the world.

What health hot lead is all about

at health hot lead we publish great contents every week to keep you abreast of the newest and safest way of solving health related challenges.

Oh lets I forget!

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our blog section covers area like wellness tips, weight loss tips, healthy tips, prevention tips, diet tips etc.

With health hot lead, you will get contents that will help you achieve health goals. be it fitness goals, dieting goals, weight loss tips and home remedies for some ailment or general health goal

How Heath Hot Lead Can Help You As A Writer

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Who Is Behind Health Hot Lead

health hot lead

I am Hope Ekpo and I am the founder of health hot lead. I have the passion of helping people

maintain good health.

after all, health they say is wealth.

I and my dedicated team are always here for you.

with proper research we will guide you to achieve your goal of living an healthier life.


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