Ginseng: The Wonder Natural Therapy of our Time


Ginseng: The Wonder Natural Therapy

Ginseng: The Wonder Natural Therapy of our Time

Hey, what do you know about ginseng, the wonder herb imported from Asia?

Perhaps, you’ve heard the name in passing, haven’t even given it a thought.

In this article, we want to give you some reasons to take a second look at raw ginseng, that is if you’ve passed it off before.

It may just be what you need in natural therapy to solve your health condition.

For millions across the globe who know, ginseng is the wonder herb, the king of herbs, the medicinal plant that is so powerful that in nature, no other plant can grow or survive beyond a couple of meters from where the ginseng plant is standing.

A fully matured ginseng plant stands tall and resembles a human in shape.

There’s a male plant and a female plant, with stubs that resemble the human genitals and private parts!

That is why ginseng is also popularly known as ‘man-root’.

That’s to tell you about the efficacy of the ginseng herb.

I will tell you more about the ginseng plant in the course of this message.

But for now, let us look closely at some health conditions that ginseng can solve easily.

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 Ginseng: The Wonder Natural Therapy of our Time


1. Stress/Fatigue/Anxiety

This is one of the biggest health issues confronting the average person.

Stress is a major problem. Many people are under stress, but they don’t know it yet.

A person going through mental, physical, psychological, social and environmental stress may look well and healthy for a long time, until such a person suddenly breaks down.

By then, it may be too late.

Listen to me:

Not every case of sudden death you hear about is due to witchcraft or spiritual manipulation.

Many people push themselves and pressure themselves extremely, leading to stress and physical break down.

Ginseng natural therapy is a proven stress-beater.

According to Dr Axe in his article.

Many factors may lead to stress.

Some of the stress-factors can be avoided, others cannot be avoided.

Each of us faces one form of stress or the other on daily basis.

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Thankfully, ginseng therapy will relieve the load and make you feel as light as a baby.

As a result of environment, climate, job, working conditions and personal lifestyles, some people are prone and susceptible to stress and certain ailments and health challenges.

For instance, business executives, corporate workers and drivers, whose job requires them to sit for long hours daily, are prone to waist pain, back pain and acute stress.


Men and women who are big drinkers and smokers have a high risk of coming down with kidney, liver and lung problems later in life.

While people are often advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and abstain from alcohol and tobacco, it may be unrealistic to ask them to leave their jobs because of stress.

So whether your stress is job-related or self-induced, you need ginseng therapy to calm your nerves and balance your system. Don’t wait till the effects of stress take over.

You may not survive it.

Stress kills!

Do you know that stress, in the long run, can also adversely affect your sexual performance?

With natural ginseng therapy, you can keep your job and keep your health! check this infographics for the stats.

Like I said, a lot of people work for long hours. They sit in traffic for long hours.

They inhale car fumes and endure blaring of car horns for long hours.

Their motto is “work, work, and work!”. In fact, they live to work. If you’re like that, you’re under stress.

You just don’t know it yet. What you need is this effective ginseng therapy fast!

Ginseng herb is a part of their daily lives across Asia, which is the secret of their vibrancy and longevity.

Today, the oldest people in the world are largely from Asian countries; Japan, China, Korea.

Natives of these countries maintain their stamina, bounce and mental alertness even as they age.

That is the power of ginseng.

For the purpose of emphasis: ginseng is a very potent herb and a very effective treatment for mental alertness, memory loss, fatigue and stress, internal heat, infertility, infections, and many other conditions.


ginseng is both curative and preventive; it does not just cure ailments, it can also prevent ailments and put you in a perfect health physically, mentally and psychologically.


2). Cleansing and Detoxifying

For those of you who need internal cleansing and detoxifying of your system, ginseng herbal therapy is also an effective cleanser and detoxifying agent.

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It can get rid of the germs and poisonous substances that may have found their way into your body from fumes, meals and junk diet, body cream and perfumes that contain chemicals, synthetic medicines and drugs that contain harmful chemicals

Some folks know they have to regularly detoxify themselves, so they visit the spa and consult their therapist routinely.

This is good practice.

However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get yourself detoxified.

Not many folks have the time to visit a spa, and not many people can afford to visit a spa.

But with ginseng therapy, you can achieve internal cleansing, balance your mental and psychological state and detoxify your system and feel brand new afterwards.

If you’ve been observant, you will discover that today, many health products are ginseng-based: There’s ginseng sweet, ginseng capsules and vitamins, ginseng malt, etc.

Even for a layman, that should tell you something about the potency of the ginseng herb.

As have been stated, most of the health issues confronting people can be effectively treated using natural herbal remedies.

Don’t overlook or underestimate natural alternative treatment.

Remember that plants are older than humans.

The solution to most of our health problems can be found in nature.

More researches in natural, organic traditional medicine need to be done.

The government needs to encourage researches in this area, just like the governments of Asian countries are doing.

Who knows, the cure to some deadly diseases confounding modern medicine may be in the back jungles of an African village…?


3. Immune Booster

The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism.

It is the body’s own way of fighting germs and diseases that attack it.

With a strong immune system, germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance.

With a strong immune system, most of us will not fall sick very often.

But some people have very active immunity while others have weak immunity that may require boosting.

Anyone with good immunity is resistant to diseases and germs, which is where the word, immunization, comes from. They have internal immunity.

Their body is naturally fortified against external attack.

Have you not heard of people who had contact with a person who was down with a contagious ailment but yet they were not infected?

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Oh yes, it happens!

The secret is in their immune system.

Ask any orthodox doctor that you know; it all boils down to our immune system.

This is why ginseng therapy is vitally important.

It is a natural immune-builder.

With ginseng herbal therapy, your body system is put in a proper fighting state to get rid of any antibody that may attack you.


Ginseng herbal therapy is not a cure for HIV/AIDS and Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, so DO NOT even go there.

If you have, or know someone who has HIV/AIDS and EVD, please consult your doctor or go to the designated government health facility or containment center in your area IMMEDIATELY.

What ginseng does is boost your body’s immunity. Period.


4. Weak Erection/Poor Libido/ Premature Ejaculation:

Today, the sex life of many couples and many marriages is suffering.

Some men do not have the stamina to satisfy their wives sexually.

This dissatisfaction, if constant, can lead to friction and possible break down of the union.

A lot of men cannot sustain an erection.

Some come before they’ve even begun intercourse.

In the case of women, some suffer from low libido.

They are always not in the mood, and it takes a lot for their husbands to arouse them sexually.

If the case is not handled maturely, it can bring sexual tension into the marriage.

Sex is powerful; it can tear a couple apart and it can also cement and strengthen the relationship between couples.

If you or your partner is battling with low sex drive, weak erection and premature ejaculation, please do not take synthetic substances to boost your sex life.

They may cause more problems in the long run.

Chemical-based drugs and sexual stimulants could cause erectile dysfunction and impotence in the long run.

What you really need is ginseng therapy.

Ginseng herbs are potent in solving a lot of health maladies, and we shall talk about them and how to apply ginseng in subsequent post.

Just ensure you follow us, like and share our post for the latest health-related information.

What are your thoughts about Ginseng Therapy?

Let us know by commenting below.

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