Health benefits of broccoli: 11 awesome reasons you need to eat it


Health benefits of broccoli: 11 awesome reasons you need to eat it

Broccoli is one of the most common vegetables enjoyed by millions of people the world over.

But not many people have any idea just how nutritious this Italian veggie is, or of what health significance it has for us generally.

So a lot of people opt to skip it during mealtimes.

It is dry, sometimes tasteless and boring to eat, depending on how you prepare it.

Most people pick broccoli out of their salad dish and drop it in the bin untouched, yet it is one of the healthiest green vegetable around.

Broccoli is part of a family of family which includes cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, rutabaga and turnips, etc.

These are known as cruciferous vegetables, and they are quite healthy for you.


Nutritional Facts Of Broccoli


There area lot of essential vitamins and minerals contained in Broccoli.

These include vitamins K and C. Vitamins K is important for the blood clotting functions of the body while vitamin C is an antioxidant responsible for enhancing rejuvenation of body tissues.

Broccoli is also fiber-rich, thus promoting digestion and lowering cholesterol level in the body.

Other important minerals contained in Broccoli are potassium (enhances heart’s functions) and folate (cell maintenance function).

If you’ve been averse to eating broccoli, try from today to incorporate it into your regular dietary supplement.

There are all sorts of way and recipes for broccoli, but you’ll have to talk to your dietitian for more insight into the various recipes for broccoli.


Just What Are Broccolis Good For?

Health benefits of broccoli: 11 awesome reasons you need to eat it


  • Dense Bones, Healthy Bones

For starters, broccoli is important for bone health simply by the amount of vitamin K and calcium that it contains.

A deficiency of vitamins K in children causes a situation of weak bones known as rickets.

But consuming a healthy serving of broccoli daily will supply you with all the vitamin K your body needs for improved bone health.

Broccoli also contains nutrients like magnesium, zinc and phosphorous, which makes it immensely beneficial to children, the elderly (especially those with bone conditions already) and breast-feeding mothers.

Also, studies have indicated that consumption of broccoli and other plant-based foods can help with weight loss and diabetes issues.


  • Great For Your Heart

Any food that has a reputation as being mild on your heart ought to be taken seriously by everyone.

Broccoli’s anti-inflammatory properties mean that it can be helpful in maintaining the blood vessels.

Furthermore, the fatty acids and soluble fiber in broccoli helpsto regulate blood pressure and lowers cholesterol level.

Fiber also lowers the risk of heart diseases, stroke and hypertension significantly.


  • Improves Digestion, Great For Detox

Sometimes, indigestion and constipation can steal your joy.

Unsettled stomach can be very discomforting. But did you know that eating broccoli can prevent indigestion, due to the dietary fiber it contains?

Along with aiding digestion, the dietary fiber in broccoli is also vital for easing the excretion of toxins from the body through the digestive tract.

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Antioxidants and other phytonutrients present in broccoli are also helpful in detoxifying the body by getting rid of free radicals and unwanted contaminants.


  • Cancer Treatment And Prevention

Broccoli can be very important in the prevention of certain types of cancer, mainly lung and colon cancer, studies have shown.

This is due to the high amount of sulforaphane (a compound also present in many cruciferous vegetables) that it contains.

Sulforaphane is believed to be active in preventing the spread of cancer in the body.

Remember we mentioned above that broccoli contains a vitamins known as folate?

Well, this vitamin has been shown to lower the risk of breast cancer in women.

Great, whether she’s a lactating mother or you’re postmenopausal.

It’ll improve your health, lowering cancer risk.

Also, this veggie contains properties that inhibit estrogens in women, which usually cause cancer (breast and uterus cancer).

Still on the unique substance – sulforaphane – found in broccoli and, indeed, most cruciferous veggie: there are indications that sulforaphane can be a vital compound in treating both Type 2 diabetes and autism to some extent.

Sulforaphane is also important for joint pain and works as an anti-inflammation agent.

Broccoli is a good carb and is also high in fiber, which is important for maintaining low blood sugar and curbing overeating, thereby enhancing weight loss for obese individuals or people who simply like to keep trim.

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  • Rich Protein Source

For people on vegetarian diets, broccoli is ideal because it is also viable source of protein.

So even though you don’t eat meat or poultry, you can still derive your healthy amount of protein from consumption daily consumption of protein.

One great aspect of this is that plant-based protein have been shown to be healthier than animal protein, since it contains less fat and cholesterol, and is friendly to the heart.

If you’re a vegetarian, eating some amount of broccoli daily ensures that you won’t need to miss out on your daily protein requirement.

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  • Powerful Immune Booster

Broccoli contains vitamin C, which is important for strengthening the body’s immune system.

It is also enriched with antioxidant properties like carotenoids, lutein and beta-carotene, which are necessary to enhance the general functions of the body’s metabolic system.
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  • Enhances Youthful Look

If want to maintain your young, youth appeal, broccoli’s great for you.

That’s because it contains nutrients like vitamin C, copper and zinc, which are great anti-aging essentials.

They help to fight skin damage caused by exposure to UV rays of the sun, thereby improving overall skin health and texture.

But not only that; along with keeping your skin smoother, broccoli also contains  vitamin K, amino acids and folates, which are ideal for maintaining your skin immunity.

Thus, it helps to protect you against skin infections and certain conditions like acne and eczema.

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Vitamin C is also important in the formation of collagen for the skin.

It helps to expel the free radicals that often cause damage to skin tissue.

Other vitamins important in the process of building a healthier looking skin are vitamins A and E, and broccoli provides them in good measure.

Daily consumption of broccoli is a natural way of keeping younger looking and vibrant, without needing to go under the knife or shooting yourself with harmful chemicals.

Eating a daily diet of broccoli will also help in treatment of acne and skin pigmentation, making you look great in the end.

Of course, you know it’s much safer and cheaper.


  • Helps In Controlling Allergies

If you find that you often suffer allergic reactions, then you need to incorporate more of broccoli into your food.

It contains compounds that have been shown to actively cushion the effect of allergies.

Also, broccoli contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are well known anti-inflammatory agents.

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  • Eye And Hair Care Essentials

benefits of eating broccoli every day

Nutritionist and those in the beauty industries know how incredible broccoli and other cruciferous veggies are for that sector.

For instance, beta-carotene, vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C and E, as well as phosphorus (all active ingredients for keeping your eye healthy and vision clearer) can be found in broccoli.

They help in protecting your eyes against cataract and they can also repair degeneration and certain defects in the eyes.

The vitamins and minerals in broccoli (Vitamin A, C, E, B5, B12, iron, niacin, zinc, calcium and sulfur, etc.) are all essential nutrients for maintaining your hair.

All of these minerals put together strengthens the texture of your hair and promote hair growth.

It also promotes hair glow. Nowadays, many hair care products have broccoli seed oil mixed into them.

This oil contains a sort of omega-9 fatty acid which can give your hair a shiny appeal.

And the good thing about this is that, unlike some regular shampoo and hair care treatments in the market, broccoli seed oil will leave no long-term adverse effect on your hair.

Another positive effect of broccoli on your hair is that, because of the presence of vitamins A and C, it acts as a natural moisturizer.

It keeps your scalp healthy, prevents the spread of dandruff and typically strengthens the hair follicles.

This ensures that you do not suffer unnecessary hair-loss.


  • Sunscreen Agent

If you’re worrying about protecting your skin from the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun, then go for veggie-based sunscreen agents.

Cruciferous vegetables are quite effective in protecting your skin from UV rays.

Applying broccoli extract on your body will help to absorb UV radiation so they don’t get into your skin.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause progressive damage to the upper layers of your skin in the long run.

The rich extract is absorbed into the cells of the skin, from where it produces protective enzymes that prevents you from UV exposure.

Because it is purely organic and contains healthy nutrients for your skin, vegetable extract quite better than conventional sunscreen agents.

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Are There Any Health Risks With Consuming Broccoli?

Well, that depends.

With diets and anything we put into our body, whether food or drink, we are warned to always be mindful of excesses.

Moderation is very vital. Over consumption of any one particular nutrient can often cause an adverse reaction in people.

When a nutrient is introduced into our system in excess quantity, it might become counter-productive.

We’re always encouraged to eat wall foods within moderate, healthy limits.

That said, don’t just go out and stuff yourself with some cruciferous veggies after reading this article.

Instead, speak to your nutritionist and find out what serving of each food source is ideal for you, and what serving amounts to excess.

Furthermore, if you are on medication or undergoing treatment for any given ailment, be sure before you consume any food.

What you’re about to put you’re your body might contain nutrients that will negate the effect of the treatment you’re undergoing.

Broccoli, as we’ve mentioned, contains a high amount of a number of vitamins and mineral.

You have to be certain that your body requires those mineral before eating a meal of broccoli.

For instance, vitamin K is important for preventing blood clotting.

If you’re on blood-thinner, then you have to stay away from broccoli and other cruciferous veggie.

At least until your doctor gives you the go.

So generally, although broccoli does not have any serious side effects, you must realize that a meal of balanced diet is critical to your overall health and well-being.

It is the total diet that is most important in achieving good health.

If you’re not sure exactly how much you should it, just eat little.

And also bear in mind that it is better to eat a diet with a variety than to concentrate on individual foods as the key to good health.



What do you think? Want to go out there and shop for some broccoli for your next meal? That’d be great!

To incorporate a healthy serving of broccoli into your regular or daily meals, you can ask your nutritionist.

There’re different ways to combine this green veggie into your food, and different recipe to choose from.

But whichever way you choose to eat your broccoli, it’ll help you to maintain a healthy life.

Just make sure you eat them green, fresh and organic.

You can always get organic vegetables and fruits from your local grocery store.

And as they say, an apple (in this case, a broccoli) a day keeps the doctor away!

Bon Appetit.

Have you eaten broccoli today?

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