17 Amazing Health Benefits of Moringa Plant


17 Amazing health Benefits of Moringa Plant in 2017

 What Exactly is Moringa Plant?

Have you wondered why Moringa is such a popular plant being talked about regularly?

This is due to the numerous use of this plant which has been of immense help to the health of millions of users.

it is also known as drum stick tree. It has been called miracle leaf by many due to its numerous properties.

It’s widely grown in tropical regions like Africa, India and in the Arab regions.

It is a fast growing plant capable of growing with little or no rainfall required.

This property is particularly useful to areas that do not get sufficient rainfall.

Today, its usage has been encouraged by various health bodies to combat malnutrition and its effects in poverty-stricken regions, mainly due to its economic viability and rapid growth.


Important Chemical Properties of Moringa

Moringa is rich in nutrients such as phyto nutrients which act to prevent many diseases such as cancer, obesity, shortage of blood cells and also lowers the blood pressure.

It also possess healing properties which is useful for diabetic patients and high level of vitamin c.

It helps in the quick healing of wounds and for quick hair growth.

One major wonder of this miracle plant is that all parts of this plant including its bark, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, sap and pods are a storehouse of nutrients and antioxidants and are edible.

Thus, this plant possesses immense health benefits and has the capacity of curing several diseases.

For this reason, it is referred to as the “wonder plant” and is widely used in traditional medicine.

No side effects have been reported.

Hence, it can be safely consumed by children and adults.

It also gives offers a rich blend of powerful antioxidants such as kaempferol, caffeoylquinic acid, zeatin, quercetin and rutin,.

These antioxidants found in Moringa possess high free radical removal ability.

It gives its therapeutic value in healing the damage caused by oxidative stress.


Important Facts to Know About Moringa

Do you know that Moringa leaves are a storehouse of nutrients?

They contain seven times more potassium than bananas and twice the amount of protein as that contained in milk.

Milk is considered to be an important source of calcium, but Moringa leaves contain four times more calcium than milk.

They contain four times more vitamin A or beta carotene than carrots.

it’s powder which is prepared by grinding the dried leaves contain seven times more vitamin C than oranges.

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25 times the amount of iron in spinach.

36 times the amount of magnesium in eggs.

50 times more vitamin B3 than peanuts and 50 times more vitamin B2 than bananas.


 17 Amazing Health Benefits of Moringa Plant


1. Prevention of Stomach Problems

The isothiocyanates exhibit in Moringa are viable in the treatment of stomach issue.

For example, stoppage, gastritis and ulcerative colitis.

Studies have demonstrated that Moringa concentrates can be considered as a viable home grown contrasting option to a scope of economically accessible stomach settling agents and antihistamines.

Research have demonstrated that treatment with Moringa plant reduces ulcer and is effective in curing ulcer colitis.

It contains anti-microbial and antibacterial properties, and it applies inhibitory consequences for the development of different pathogens.

This inhibits various helicobacter pylori microscopic organisms and coliform microorganisms, which can trigger dangerous medical condition.

Additionally, it helps in battling weight on account of its very wholesome and low-fat qualities.

The great substance of vitamin B in its leaves helps in processing and converting the food into energy instead of putting away it as fat.


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2. Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties:

It has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties and is successful against the development of infection causing microorganisms.

Scientific research has demonstrated that Moringa separates apply a wide range of defensive action against food borne microorganisms.

This removal action makes it removes ideal for sanitation and protection purposes.

The inhibitory impacts of Moringa help in keeping the development of infections causing contaminant parasites, for example, Aspergillus spp. what’s more, Penicillium spp.


3. Bone Healing Properties

it is helpful for keeping up solid bones, because it contains basic minerals like calcium and phosphorous.

the plant has calming properties and is powerful in the treatment of difficult bone conditions, for example, joint pain, while likewise improving different bone diseases, for example, mandibular or jaw bone crack.

Here is a research work


4. Quick Wound Healing:

Watery leaves concentrate of Moringa plant have critical injury mending properties.

Research works have given supporting confirmation in regards to the recuperating impacts of the miracle plant in the treatment of wounds, improving skin-breaking quality, injury healing rate and decrease in the scars.


5. Well Being of the Eyes

Moringa is rich in antioxidant which helps to prevent retinal harm, various research tests have given supporting proof in regards to the retinal protective impacts of Moringa in test subjects.

Treatment with it helps in keeping the dilatation of retinal vessels and keeps the retinal vasculature in place.

It likewise hinders the thickening of slim films and prevents any retinal malfunction which can cause severe eye problems.


6. Useful for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Mothers

It is of immense benefit to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who are at risk of malnutrition.

Around 6 spoons of Moringa powder every day gives sufficient day by day iron and calcium needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.

It’s consumption is reported to cause a dramatic increase in breast milk.


7. Treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia

Moringa help in the treatment of sickle cell anemia.

Research over the years has given compelling support to the confirmation of this specifically in regards to the way

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it helps in encouraging the assimilation of iron, expanding the red blood platelet tally and serving to keep normal ordinary blood parameters.

Late investigations have likewise approved the anti-sickling cell capability of these wonderful products, which is credited to be rich in zinc and flavonols,

17 Amazing health Benefits of Moringa Plant

8.  Moringa Nourishes the Hair and Skin

Moringa seed oil is advantageous for the skin and hair.

What’s more, it is successful against the contamination caused by herpes simplex infection.

The recuperating impacts of these herbs keep the advancement of skin sores and restrain the development of plaque caused by the tainting infection.

The hydrating and detoxifying impacts help in limiting the impacts of contamination, avoiding wrinkles, and reduces aging process.

The high protein substance helps in shielding the dermal cells from harm caused by overwhelming metals, such as mercury and cadmium.

For a similar reason, it is utilized as a part of the creation of makeup and healthy skin items.

The good impacts of Moringa seed oil for solid hair have been acknowledged for a long time.

It is profoundly strong in purging and filtering the hair and shields it from natural harm, including ultra violet radiation.

It fills in as an important conditioner for the scalp, reinforces the roots, and invigorates hair development.

The ben oil which is extricated from Moringa seeds is utilized to soothe and alleviate baby’s’ skin.

the plant has a high content of vitamin A, thus promoting hair growth and maintenance.

Optimum delivery of oxygen and nutrients from the circulatory system to the hair follicle is vital for proper hair growth.

Vitamin A plays an important role in the development of healthy cells and tissues in the body and reduction of hair loss.

Deficiency of vitamin A can cause thickening of scalp, dry hair and dandruff.


9. It Prevents Formation of Kidney, Liver and Bladder Stones

Moringa products has high efficacy against development of stones in the kidney, bladder and uterus.

Studies have uncovered that the kidney protecting impact helps in weakening renal wounds because of its high cancer prevention agent.

It helps in the removal of dangerous chemicals in the kidney.

It also helps in the cleansing of the liver which enables the liver to function properly


10. Helps in Birth Control

Moringa has been used as birth control agent in family planning.

it contains chemicals especially the It’s juice extract which helps in the prevention of fertilization when used before sexual intercourse.


11. Relief to Asthma and Anti-allergenic Behavior

it helps to provide relief to asthma patients from bronchial asthma and inflammation caused by blockage of their airways.

And extracts of Moringa seeds possess anti-allergenic qualities.

Scientific research has validated the inhibitory action on the hypersensitive reactions involved in various allergic diseases, including allergic rhinitis and anaphylaxis.

According to research, treatment with Moringa helps to reduce the severity of asthmatic attacks and various symptoms such as wheezing, cough, dyspnea and tightness of the chest.

It extends its protective effects against bronchial constrictions and encourages better lung function and respiration.


12. It Helps to Prevent Hypertension

Hypertension is caused due to increasing blood pressure and cholesterol level in the blood.

it has been found to have amazing chemical properties that prevent the blockage of blood arteries which greatly reduces the chances of pulmonary hypertension.

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This wonderful plant also reduces high levels of fat in the body excretory organs such as the liver and kidney which makes the overall blood cholesterol levels to be at optimum levels.


13. Good Immunosuppressive Agent

it’s seeds that have undergone organ transplant and other autoimmune treatments.

it helps to prevent the rejection of the new organs or tissue by the body.

it also assist in the production of antibodies to fight against foreign invader or diseases that attack the body


14. Boosts Stamina

it helps in building stamina and endurance.

It is used by athletes before exercise to give increased stamina and energy due to its composition of vital vitamins and supplements.

Moringa extracts can also be used by students to improve brain coordination during learning, and physiotherapist have identified various nutritional benefits in helping fat and obese persons lose weight.

It also gives quick energy for strenuous work.


15. Heart Attack Prevention

Moringa extracts have been known to prevent heart attack and damage due to its chemical composition as an antioxidant.

This plant prevent heart attack by reducing the increase in fats retention by the various heart tissues while keeping the heart rate normal this keeps the heart working in optimum conditions.


16. Treatment of Diabetics

It is also effective for diabetic patients according to research works this store house of nutrient reduces the blood sugar, urine output and urine proteins in various diabetic test patients.

According to this research there is high level of improvements in hemoglobin which transports oxygen in the blood and total protein properties in diabetic patients


17. Water Purification

this plant possess antibiotic qualities and has been used in local water purification.

Its seeds work as a coagulant and helps to remove particles and water borne pathogens such as bacteria and algae.

It is a natural way of purifying and treating water, and does not give offensive odour or dangerous residue like other chemical purifiers such as alum



The roots and bark of Moringa is very effective in preventing pregnancy effect and is not recommended for pregnant women during pregnancy.

It is a highly nutritious plant and is generally safe for consumption.

However, its usage for pain relief should only be considered after consulting a certified medical personnel.

Moringa oleifera also helps in improving sensory perception and memory.

It possesses anti-epileptic properties and helps in combating depression, anxiety and fatigue.

Anti-inflammatory properties and the high vitamin content are valuable for treating scurvy and catarrhal conditions.

It is useful for the regulation of thyroid hormones and is effective in curing skin infections and sores.

Looking back at all this amazing benefits.

it is important to include this wonderful plant as part of our diet because of the numerous benefits to the body and an easy and delicious way to reap this benefit on a daily basis.

I hope this article has been particularly useful to you for any questions leave a comment below and I will gladly answer them

What other health benefits of Moringa do you know?

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